The difference we make

By working with troubled children in school in Waltham Forest and the neighbouring boroughs we are improving the emotional wellbeing of children and families. Our work helps children learn, play and communicate better, making a difference not just to one child but to the whole school community.

Here are a few of our latest facts and figures (2013-2014)

In a sample of 42 children, we evaluated the impact of our work on various aspects of their wellbeing. We found that:

  • 40 had responded positively to therapeutic play at school
  • 40 demonstrated improved confidence and coping skills
  • 36 had improved relationships
  • 34 felt happier
  • 29 had fewer disturbing feelings
  • 27 had improved behaviour, concentration and attitude at school

Mo’s story

Mo, aged 6, came to east London from a war-torn country, traumatised by all he had seen. He found it very hard to settle in school and risked being excluded for aggressive behaviour. Mo’s school referred him to Carefree Kids and after attending therapeutic play sessions, there were fewer aggressive outbursts. Mo began to feel happier, did better at school work and made a friend.

Schools we work with

See the Schools List for schools we currently work with.

What schools and parents say

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