Carefree Kids has a small team of part-time staff whose work covers management / office functions and therapeutic support.

Marta Badia

Marta joined Carefree Kids in September 2014 as a part-time operational and therapeutic services coordinator. Marta is an experienced clinical psychologist with a background in creative therapeutic approaches to mental health and project management. She says, “I am pleased to be working in this creative and refreshing environment.”

Renetta Neal

Renetta re-joined Carefree Kids in May 2017 as a part-time Clinical Director. Renetta is an experienced child, adolescent and adult counsellor with a passion for the therapeutic benefits of play. She says, “Carefree Kids’ ways of working ignite my creativity and sow the seeds for growth of intellect and self-awareness .”

Sophia Dalley

Sophia has been involved with Carefree Kids since 2007. “I started out as a volunteer and learned so much about therapeutic approaches and about myself. Working with the children in schools was extremely rewarding.” Sophia now works in the Carefree Kids office in administration and finance. She says, “It’s a great feeling to know your work is making a difference to the community.”