Access to services

We endeavour to be as inclusive as possible and to accommodate all.

Our Sutherland House premises are on the first floor in a self contained suite of rooms. There is both stair and lift access.

Website accessibility

We have tried to make this website as accessible as possible.

Some of the things we’ve done to make the site accessible include the following:

  • we use WordPress as our platform
  • we use a responsive design ‘theme’, or design template, that adjusts to whatever device you’re using to view the site
  • we set out web accessibility standards for our web contributors
  • we write in Plain English and use meaningful hyperlinks
  • we link to Google Translate in over 50 languages
  • we’ve provided a Sitemap so you can see all the pages on this site in one place, as well as providing menus and sub-menus in more context on every page.

If you have any comments or suggestions please go to the Contact us page to see the different ways you can get in touch.

Further reading and resources