Friends of Carefree Kids launched

Friends of Carefree Kids launch

We are thrilled by the launch of Friends of Carefree Kids on 16 April 2011.

The event, held at the Quaker Meeting House in Leytonstone, was an overwhelming success and there was standing room only.

Sir Richard Bowlby, our patron, discussed his father’s acclaimed work on attachment theory and how this continues to be developed to better serve children’s needs for healthy emotional development.  Continue reading Friends of Carefree Kids launched

Welcome to Carefree Kids

Carefree Kids table cloth

Carefree Kids is a children’s charity based in Waltham Forest, London and working in Waltham Forest and neighbouring boroughs.

Since 2004 we have been providing emotional support to children, teenagers and their parents and carers.

We use non-directive therapeutic play, art therapy, dramatherapy and dance/movement therapy to help release troubling emotions that may be difficult to communicate verbally or in other ways.