Read Carefree Kids’ wonderful volunteer Jill Lovells’ interview in The E List magazine April 2017

Our volunteer Jill Lovells has been interviewed for The E List magazine. Here’s a tasty snippet!

“As an ex Waltham Forest teacher Carefree Kids had been part of my school for as long as I could remember, although I hadn’t had any direct contact.

Wondering what lay next for me after I left my school I went for an interview for a job in Newham.  As I waited I spied a Carefree Kids leaflet. On a whim I popped it into my bag. I kept it safe for 9 months!

Fortunately I didn’t get the job and Carefree Kids combine my two passions — children and play — so what better charity to get involved in?

I haven’t looked back since I went to my introductory morning in September 15. I was so sure I wanted to be part of Carefree Kids but didn’t want to look too eager so waited for two long days before I rang and asked to be considered to go further!”

You can read the full interview on The E List on pages 31-32 of the April 2017 edition.

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