Our new office

Sutherland House, Sutherland Road, Walthamstow, E17 6BU
Sutherland House travel map
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We have moved from Bakers’ Arms to our new office:

Unit DA2, Sutherland House, Sutherland Road, Walthamstow, E17 6BU

The new office is in the Higham’s Hill area of Walthamstow, not far from Forest Road and Blackhorse Road.

The new office is a lovely bright and spacious self contained unit in an art deco building which was once a toy factory. The space will give us more flexibility in our working practice.

Telephone and email

These remain the same. Please see the Contact page for details.


Because of the nature of our work we can only accept visitors by appointment. Please contact us before you travel.


The nearest tube station is Blackhorse Road, one stop from Walthamstow Central on the Victoria Line.


The nearest bus routes are:

W15 The nearest stop is on Higham Hill Road (Hillyfield Primary School stop). Then walk down Higham Street and into Sutherland Road (about 5 minutes). The W15 runs from Hackney Central via Leytonstone, Whipps Cross, Bakers Arms and Walthamstow Central to William Morris School. Website:
TFL Route W15
W15 timetable
TFL Spider map (pdf file)

158 The nearest stop is on Blackhorse Lane (Priestley Way stop) if travelling from Blackhorse Road (alternatively there is a stop on Higham Hill Road if you are travelling from the other direction). From Blackhorse Lane walk through Sutherland Path (pedestrian only alleyway) and right into Sutherland Road (about 5 minutes). The 158 runs from Chingford Mount to Stratford Bus Station via Larkswood Road, Walthamstow Stadium, Forest Road, Blackhorse Station and then onto St James St Station, Lea Bridge Road, Leyton Station, Stratford. Website:
TFL Route 158
158 timetable
TFL spider map (pdf file)

Car parking

We strongly advise the use of public transport when travelling to Sutherland House.

Sutherland Road is in Controlled Parking Zone HF. In very exceptional cases (eg if you have a disability or are transporting items on behalf of Carefree Kids) we may be able to arrange a parking permit.

Please telephone the office before making a journey.

The nearest car is by Blackhorse Road station. This is an approximately 15 minute walk to our office.

Cheaper car parking is available in Walthamstow, but is much further away: Parkopedia.co.uk Walthamstow.

Google Maps

Please note it will take a while for Google to move our marker from our old address!

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