Carefree Kids exists for parents and carers as well as for children and young people.

We can offer support and counselling if you are a parent or carer who wants to explore concerns you may have in your own life and/or difficulties you have with your child or your parenting skills.

We always try to make this support accessible and acceptable so we don’t always meet in formal settings, but often somewhere you feel comfortable: in a café, at a room in our office or at your home.

We offer different types of support for adults. These can include:

  • a one-off discussion
  • regular meetings for counselling or a supportive chat
  • occasional sessions
  • advice on parenting
  • handing on the skills of filial therapy (therapeutic play at home with your own child)
  • signposting to other services

We aspire to offer support to parents with practical problems such as getting landlords to carry out housing repairs, or applying for grants for equipment or holidays, in addition to our other support.

Some adults find it hard to respond positively to their children because they themselves had a very problematic childhood or because they have suffered a bereavement, breakdown of a relationship or some other traumatic event.

By providing sympathetic help for as long as it’s needed, we can improve the quality of life and emotional health for both parents/carers and children.

Adults who have benefited from this service have expressed their feelings — for example:

“All my children have said, ‘It’s the first time I’ve seen you happy in a long time”

Where we can help you

Therapeutic play at home

If you would like to learn about carrying out therapeutic play with your own child at home (perhaps as well as your child having weekly therapeutic play sessions at school with a Carefree Kids volunteer), we can show you how to do it.

Children often progress more quickly if they have therapeutic play both at home and at school. We could also discuss how you could learn therapeutic responses to your child on a day–to–day basis.

We have books about parenting skills which you are welcome to use.

You are invited to our study days. Please contact the office to find out more details on 020 8558 7799.

Therapeutic play at school

If you would like to discuss your child having therapeutic play with us, it might be possible to arrange this at your child’s school.

If we don’t work at your child’s school at the moment, the school might agree for us to discuss with them if it is possible to set up a therapeutic play space there.

Please see our schools list for the schools where we operate at the moment.

We would like to increase the number of schools where we work. The majority of our work is in Waltham Forest at present, however we also provide our service to some schools in Redbridge and Newham.

Occasionally, when an agreement cannot be reached with the school a child attends, we offer therapeutic play sessions for children in our office building (Community Place) or at other suitable locations.

Before Becoming a Parent course

We have developed a school-based course Before Becoming a Parent for teenage boys and girls with the aim of: ‘Meeting the emotional needs of your future babies, children and yourselves as parents’. Find out more about the Before Becoming a Parent course.

Download a leaflet

Download our Parents and carers leaflet below:

Online version (A4)

Print version (A5)

Please think of the environment before you print. The page order will appear to be wrong on this version if you are reading it online.

Contact us

You are invited to contact us on 020 8558 7799 or contact us using our contact form.

We can meet with you at the school, at your home or at our office in Bakers Arms, Leyton.