Statement on the closure of Carefree Kids

Please read the statement by our Chair, Adam Land,
published 1 August 2019, before donating.

Read the statement here.

Carefree Kids offers support for parents and carers.

We can offer support and counselling if you are a parent or carer who wants to explore concerns you may have in your own life and/or difficulties you have with your child or your parenting skills.

We offer different types of support for adults. These can include:

  • a one-off discussion or supportive chat
  • regular counselling
  • occasional sessions
  • advice on parenting
  • tailored courses in therapeutic responses / therapeutic play
  • signposting to other services

Some adults find it hard to respond positively to their children because they themselves had a very problematic childhood or because they have suffered a bereavement, breakdown of a relationship or some other traumatic event.

By providing sympathetic help for as long as it’s needed, we can improve the quality of life and emotional health for both parents/carers and children.

Adults who have benefited from this service have expressed their feelings — for example:

“All my children have said, ‘It’s the first time I’ve seen you happy in a long time”

Where we can help you

Therapeutic play at home

If you would like to learn about therapeutic responses / therapeutic play with your own child at home (perhaps as well as your child having weekly therapeutic play sessions at school with Carefree Kids), we can help.

Therapeutic play at school

If you would like to discuss your child having therapeutic play with us, it might be possible to arrange this at your child’s school.

Contact us

You are invited to contact us on 020 8558 7799 or contact us using our contact form.

We can talk with you on the phone or meet with you at our office in Walthamstow.