Statement on the closure of Carefree Kids

Please read the statement by our Chair, Adam Land,
published 1 August 2019, before donating.

Read the statement here.

Children and young people are referred to our services mostly by staff in local schools, who have identified them as experiencing substantial emotional or behavioural difficulties and needing additional support. We work with children to develop more emotional resilience. The majority of children we work with are reported to have increased confidence and coping skills, improved performance at school and healthier relationships. Working through difficult issues in childhood also gives children much better life chances as adults. Early intervention can help break family cycles of addiction, violence and criminality, low self-esteem and poverty.

Conditions necessary for therapeutic support at your school

Please see details of conditions we need for therapeutic play to take place at your school.

How to refer a child to us for therapeutic support

Most children are referred to us by the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO), learning mentor, head teacher or deputy/assistant head, and sometimes a parent or an outside professional.

The process is explained in more detail on Refer a child for therapeutic play.

Contract for teachers

You can see an example of our Contract for teachers here.


The charge per session is £45. For state maintained schools we have funding to offer a subsidised rate of £18 (as of April 2017). Carefree kids invoices the school after each term, but we are happy to discuss alternative arrangements that suit your school.

We do not want any school to forego our services for financial reasons, so please discuss this with us.

Tailored group training for school staff and parents/carers at all levels in Everyday Therapeutic Responses (variable pricing dependent on requirements).