Our experience tells us that certain conditions need to be in place to work successfully with schools and children.

1. A room for therapy

We need a suitable room which will remain the same every week, preferably with a sink and a non-carpeted floor. This is likely to be a space used by other people at other times. However, it is important that items belonging to other people are not on show when we use the room.

2 Storage for our toys

We bring a large selection of toys and arts materials which need to be safely stored in the room or very near to the room.

3 Absolute privacy

This is just as important for child therapy as it is for adult therapy. It is essential that no adult or child ever interrupts the session for any reason. We will need to partially cover up all glass panels and windows with fabric or paper, so that no one can look in and the child with whom we are working does not look out.

4 Confidentiality

We assure the children that we will not discuss what they do or say with their families or schools. This is in order for them to trust us and feel uninhibited in their play. However, they also know that we will tell the school Child Protection Officer if we have any reason to think that they might be at risk. We like to meet with school staff and parents from time to time to discuss how children are getting on at school, at home and in therapy, and can tell you in general terms how they are using the therapeutic playsessions.