Statement on the closure of Carefree Kids

Please read the statement by our Chair, Adam Land,
published 1 August 2019, before donating.

Read the statement here.

Our experience tells us that certain conditions need to be in place to work successfully with schools and children.

1. A room for therapeutic support

We need a suitable room which will remain the same every week. It should be a quiet undisturbed space preferably with a sink and a non-carpeted floor.

2 Storage for our equipment / toys

We bring a selection of toys / arts materials which need to be safely stored in the room or very near to the room.

3 Absolute privacy

It is essential that no adult or child interrupts the sessions.

4 Confidentiality

We assure the children that we will not discuss what they do or say with their families or schools – this is in order for them to trust and feel uninhibited in their play. However, we do tell them that if we are concerned that if they or another may be at risk or may cause harm to themselves or another, we will tell the school Child Protection Officer.

We maintain close liaison with schools and provide reports as required.