Without our funders, the work of Carefree Kids would be impossible, so we are enormously indebted to all those Trusts, companies, councils, individuals and Friends of Carefree Kids who have contributed since we began in 2004.

Despite increasing competition, we have been successful in receiving repeated core costs from both the Tudor Trust and the Henry Smith Charity. These are especially valuable because no well-established charity can do without the need for salaries, rent and other unglamorous administration costs, yet many funders are reluctant to fund these.

From 2013 we have benefited from a five year Lottery grant to enable us to employ our jobsharers, Alison and Jemma, who recruit volunteers and schools.

BBC Children in Need gave us three years’ essential funding towards the costs of our much-loved Mobile Play Therapy Bus which meant that we could help children whose schools did not have space inside for our work. Our 1992 vehicle eventually broke down irrevocably. We might fundraise for a new one in due course.

Doughty Hanson Charitable Foundation was also extremely prompt and generous in helping with bus costs.

Help a Capital Child has donated to us several times. Other funders over the years have given us money for supervision fees, toys, office equipment, conferences, pilot courses in parenting education and so on have included:

  • Acorn Community Fund
  • Actuaries Charitable Trust
  • Alchemy Foundation
  • Awards for All
  • Bailey Thomas Charitable Fund
  • Barchester Green Investment
  • Butchers’ Company
  • Clothworkers’ Foundation
  • Waltham Forest Community Councils
  • Co-operative Community Fund
  • Cygnus Trust
  • Peter de Haan Charitable Trust
  • Day Lewis plc
  • Denton Wilde Sapte Charitable Trust
  • Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund
  • Ford Britain Trust
  • Foresters Fund for Children
  • B & P Glasser Charitable Trust
  • Girdlers’ Company
  • Goldsmiths’ Company
  • Hedley Foundation
  • ING Real Estate
  • Ironmongers’ Company
  • Kel Trust
  • Kelly Family Charitable Trust
  • John Lewis
  • Local Network Fund
  • London Catalyst
  • Londonations
  • Mercers’ Company
  • Music Sales Charitable Trust
  • Network for Social Change
  • George Oliver Foundation
  • Redbridge Olympic Legacy
  • Riney plc
  • local Rotary Clubs
  • Santander Community Plus
  • Mrs Smith and Mount Trust
  • South Woodford Townswomen’s Guild
  • Stratford Development Partnership
  • Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust
  • Toy Trust
  • Variety Club Children’s Charity
  • Vintners’ Company
  • Wates Foundation
  • Waltham Forest Council
  • Westfield Stratford City
  • Waitrose
  • Walthamstow and Chingford Almshouse Charity
  • Warburtons.

Some of those no longer exist; others have given repeated donations, occasionally unsolicited which is always a wonderful surprise.

We have received some useful legacies. And we were very touched by donations from students at two local secondary schools.

Friends of Carefree Kids were delighted when the acclaimed cellist Alexander Baillie agreed to perform at its benefit concert in 2012, accompanied by pianist John Thwaite. Forest School in Snaresbook generously gave us a lovely large free room; they also let us hold our Study Days once a term pro bono in their excellent premises for which we are extremely grateful.

John Alexander, head of St Joseph’s RC Junior School has also been generous with use of space on Saturdays.

We receive several thousand pounds a year from school fees. We keep these as low as possible, as one of our principles is to make all services affordable. We will negotiate with a school that finds our modest fee impossible. We raise some money through small-scale fundraising such as:

  • selling handmade cards crafted by one of our volunteers
  • eBay sales
  • Easyfunding
  • collections outside supermarkets

… and so on. We were Charity of the Year at Sainsbury’s in Leytonstone for two years running!

How to donate

Please see our Donate page for more information on how to donate.

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